HP OfficeJet Pro X for your business

You know what is the tool that can help a company increase its efficiency and productivity? The HP OfficeJet Pro X will be your best ally.

Impresoras HP OfficeJet Pro X para tu negocio

Functional, comfortable, complete, elegant and efficient are some of the features that can better define HP Officejet Pro X . With them you can take high quality projects thanks to its revolutionary technology.

Increase speed and minimize the costs of a company, regardless of size, this series of printers reinvented ink that was going so far. More specifically, it mode Pro X provides speeds up to 70 pages per minute and helps different teams to improve their performance with proactive management tools.

As you can see in the video that we put in this article, the company EADA Business School (Barcelona) has not hesitated to make use of these quality tools. After experience has confirmed the ability HP to meet perfectly the needs of different multifunctional work team.

What do you bring the new printers HP OfficeJet Pro X

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