How will the Event Pokémon GO by Christmas?

When it was Halloween we had an event Pokémon which allowed us to hunt better other types of Pokémon such as ghost. At Christmas we look forward to something new, such as a Event Pokémon GO by Christmas and for all high considering that is one of the biggest holidays of the year. If you want to know what gift will make you a Pokémon for Christmas, don’t go because you have, at least in the way of rumors and clues of what’s new that might be coming.

The guys in Niantic seems to be enabled a event between the 11th and the 25th of December to celebrate Christmas. During that period of time, users will be able to enjoy the incredible gifts

Nintendo gana poco dinero con Pokemon Go

Event Pokémon GO by Christmas

Were announced by Niantic that we would have special events of Pokémon in key moments of the year. Halloween is one of the most special, but Christmas is another. As we had the first event on Halloween, we can have the second at Christmas.

We are facing a great event in all over the world that also wants to be in the Pokémon GO. If on Halloween, we had Pokémon type ghost as the protagonists, it is possible that at Christmas we have Pokémon ice-type, with more likely to exit. Something as well as more Pokémon Jynx, Dewgong, Shellder and Cloyser. I don’t know about you, but these Pokémon I don’t go out too many times, Cloyser I think that is the most, but usually all are rare, especially Jynx. We could also have more easily to get Rapidash that also fits well for these times as the reindeer.

And what about the prizes?

On Halloween we had the possibility of getting more candy, now like we can get more of other things. Should be a larger event, but let me tell you that at the moment we cannot tell you anything more. This is all that we know.

Really hope easier to get the Pokémon “christmas” type ice/fire, that’s for sure. Then the rest we’ll see. They could add new features, because we miss more options in the fashion game, Pokémon GO, you have already lost quite a lot in the last few months.

Speculations, rumors… what do you expect of Christmas in Pokémon GO?

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