How to watch videos in the background on Facebook

users take time asking YouTube this feature: watch videos in the background. Without passing by the box clear, so natural (because YouTube Network itself has it). But in the case of Facebook, this is already possible, because today we’re going to tell you how you can watch videos in the background on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg tend to listen to the users and have added this functionality to the users of your platform, for your social network. tests with a feature that allows you to continue watching videos in a floating window. The goal is for you to see the video like you see other profiles. Without having to be all the time in front of the video so that it does not stop.


How to watch videos in the background on Facebook

This functionality that now is in testing, will allow us to enjoy videos in the background on Facebook while doing other things. It can perfectly play a video on Facebook in which we listen to a song, while we see a profile of a user or read your messages. You can do everything in an orderly manner.

But be careful, because by now this is in testing. Could not reach all the users and stay in nothing, in a attempt more. What is clear is that we want this functionality, and we hope you come to stay.

How can I get this option?

This is a new option will be activated at the time of playing a video. You will find an icon of a square (in the top left). This functionality is still in testing, it is normal that you will not appear. But after activating the option, you’ll see that the video will continue playing in a floating window. So you can do whatever you want without limits.

you Need to be a beta tester of Facebook

From this link you can become a beta tester of Facebook to always test the latest betas. Eye with make beta tester of Facebook, the app consumes enough battery power in tests. But you can try it to see if it is functionality is already available to you.

An incredible novelty that I might get to Facebook so stable in the next versions. And hopefully Google see and add at once to YouTube.

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