How to view your WhatsApp messages without opening the application

WhatsApp is the first app that has gotten the SMS would be a thing of the past. However, information such as the last connection or the double check blue has come to break with the privacy of the user coming to bother. For this reason today we how to check WhatsApp without opening the app.

The primary thing you should know is that this trick only works on Android phones thanks to a widget, so that you will be left with the desire if you have an Apple device. The second thing is that you just need to have installed WhatsApp. No need to download another type of tools that fill your memory, or that, in some cases, not be reliable and arrive to harm your mobile.

Reviews everything you write no matter how long the messages

Knowing this, you have to place you in the screen main menu and press for a few seconds uninterrupted. Then you will have the option of widgets, which you must press.

The next step is to search for the widget of WhatsApp within all the possible offers Android. You will know this is correct because has exactly the same icon that the app of instant messaging.

finally, when you select it, you’ll have to locate it in a space of your home screen. Once you have performed the step you may have already done this little trick and you’ll be able to observe who and what you wrote without the need of opening the app. But remember, this option only serves to review your messages, if you want to respond you’ll have to open WhatsApp.

This little trick, that many people do not know, it is useful to see what you write on WhatsApp without out seen, and prevent people are angry because you look at the WhatsApp and not you answer. Here are some tricks to make WhatsApp safer.

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