How to use WhatsApp if it is blocked in your country

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WhatsApp is the instant messaging service most used in all over the world. Is more, a lot of people can’t live without WhatsApp and you purchase a mobile phone specifically to use WhatsApp the problem is when some government or institution and closes WhatsApp by any court order.

Close WhatsApp so will end up generating many problems when communicating and when Brazil suffered the blocking of WhatsApp this ended up generating issues in other countries of Latin america, as countries such as Chile, have seen the blocking of WhatsApp in Brazil was direct implications. Now, how to use WhatsApp if it has been blocked in your country?

to Continue using WhatsApp with active blocking is much easier than it seems and to do this we just need to have access to a VPN network on Android, this allows you to access the Internet anonymously from your mobile phone by creating an encrypted connection to another server in a different country so that would mean that you mobile would work as if it was in another state and wouldn’t affect the locks.

How to use WhatsApp even though it has been blocked in your country?

To use WhatsApp even though it has been blocked in your country you will have to use a VPN service. There are many applications to use a VPN network in Android but some of them are very easy to use and have good intentions. We must not forget that a large number of VPN networks they filter information for our statistics to a third party and is based upon our navigation.

depending On the type of use that you’re going to give to the VPN we might not worry to much that sell our data but sometimes our navigation should be completely anonymous that is, in reality, what we want to do with a VPN network. So… what is the app to use and how to use it?

  • we Install in our mobile Betternet.

This application is very simple. So you should only install from Google Play, totally free, and confirm the connection request that launches when you open it, once done this it is only necessary to make click to Connect and voila, the service is already running.

This application allows you to use a VPN in Android completely free

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Betternet requires neither registration, nor password or anything, it is more, it works as well, to the touch, with just one push of the central button of the application. To know if it works you have to look at the status bar, which displays a wrench when this is active.

Remember, not all VPNS are secure. That yes, remember that if the person you want to communicate has WhatsApp blocked in your country or the account WhatsApp blocked in any region for any reason, shares this method for you to use, you can use Facebook to recommend an application like this to all your contacts because, in a case like that suffer from some countries becomes a very good option to continue using WhatsApp.

If you want the VPN network to go faster you always you can switch to the premium service but to chat through WhatsApp the speed of an application as Betternet is more than enough, is a little slow for many other things, but for WhatsApp is very good.

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