How to use Pokémon Go in the Marshmallow without leaving home and without root

Capturando Pokemon Go

¿Hack Pokémon Go in the Marshmallow without root? Yes, it is not the first time that I show you a hack for the game but today we bring you a method that will allow you to play Pokémon Go in the Marshmallow without leaving the house.

Yes, this method works in the version 0.33 of Pokémon Go and allow you to teletransportaros to any place in the world and control your character with a simple virtual joystick that will allow users to play games without leaving home. There are people who can’t leave home against your will or do not have a data connection sufficient to be able to play outside, this means that a method “pirate” will help you to capture Pokémon not to be the joke down at their friends.

Nintendo gana poco dinero con Pokemon Go

how to Play Pokémon Go from home on the Marshmallow?

What is certain is that this hack, in addition to being something easy, not need to root as Xposed Pokémon and allow you to play form easy in the latest version of Android. you May Nintendo or Niantic I ban you for using this solution but we are not responsible, that is something personal to your to use it or not, we of now, we are still playing the original way and testing these methods in accounts of the Pokémon Go that we do not use personally.

to be able To play with this method we need a phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and installed the app Fake GPS Samboking, it can be downloaded via this box. Once you have it comes with the instructions, is very simple.

WP-Appbox: Fake GPS – 가짜 위치/위치 속이기/대리/포켓몬 (Free, Google Play) →

  • Enable developer Options in your Android device, here you have a tutorial of how to do it.
  • Opens the developer Options and in the option App location test select Fake GPS, the application that we just installed.
  • once we have it done we will Settings on Android and in the Location select the option high-precision or GPS plus WiFi and Data.
  • Enter in the Settings Google and in the choice of Location, enable the history of locations our device.
  • Now run Fake GPS and select in the map the location to which we will go to explore in the game.
  • Clickamos in the box that appears, and click Start GPS Service, then select the option of use in Pokémon Go.

Now comes into play and uses the Virtual Joystick to be able to to navigate through the screen. To exit the service location false only have to click on the floating icon winged, and once you open the Fake GPS clickamos on the back button of your Android to exit the App.

once this is done we can play with our GPS position usual in our Android mobile. What did you like the method? The truth is, that will be easy to use for any.

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