How to unlock crafteos special ARK Mobile

As we already know, in the ARK Mobile can find the same crafteos that there is in the version of the game for consoles. What they do not know many players, is that there is a big difference when you play on mobile, and it is that can be unlock crafteos special.

that Is to say, that we will find food recipes and drawings of unique objects. Best of all, is that it is very easy to get them and we’ll explain it step-by-step below.

How do you get the crafteos special?

ark mobile regalo

ARK Mobile is still calling the attention of many users in each update. Every time are more and more creatures that add to the game to be able to tamearlas. The only bad thing, is that some users fail to play by to be a title so comprehensive, and so the developers have allowed the players to obtain rewards for watching advertising.

ark mobile sopa

Yes, this is how you will get new recipes and unique floorplans. For each ad we give you a crafteo:

  • Enter Play.
  • When we are in a full game, by clicking on the gift that is in the upper right corner.
  • you must wait to the end of the ad.

When the announcement finished, a window will open with the information for the new crafteo, or the recipe. It is worth noting, that we will be able to see ads every 1 or 2 hours.

¿What happens if I get a flat repeated?

ark mobile pantalones

If you already have a crafteo and you back out, this new object will be better than the previous one. For example, if you already unlock it the leather pants, and leave us the same pants watching the ad, it will be much and more durable.

ark mobile crafteos color morado

keep in mind, that all crafteos special, will have a color purple. So we can differentiate it from a normal one. They could even get planes of a much higher level that not even we have arrived.

on the other hand, if there is a problem with ARK Mobile, here we teach how to solve them. In addition, we explained how to play and survive in this great game.

¿how Many crafteos special you have in ARK Mobile? Please leave us your comment!

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