How to translate chinese apps to English

Traducir aplicaciones chinas a español

¿Problems with the chinese apps because you don’t understand the language? In this article we will see how to translate chinese apps to English on Android, so you don’t have problems to understand you. With this trick you’ll be able to do it easily. Remember the problems that they are suffering from users with NetEase, and with these programs you’ll be able to translate strings of text and put it in Spanish:

to Translate chinese apps to English

In the following video we see how to translate chinese apps to English. It is clear that this method works with any application regardless of the language in which it is, so surely you are interested in for applications that are in chinese or any other:

If you prefer a method more seemingly simple for many, we can choose to install Android Localizer.

Android Localizer, we can make the APK in question to reach out to more people after having translated. Yes it is true that may take us a little time depending on the dimensions of the application, but if you don’t have too many text boxes will be easy.

Android Localizer is born at XDA

This application Android Localizer has appeared over at XDA Developers, and it is certain that it is a wonder, because it will allow us to translate applications to our liking.

How does it work? Simply, you’ll have to translate the parts of the APK once you have descompilado, and the language that you want. The translation is automatic.

As we see in the next picture we find ourselves in an environment in which we will have to put in the application to start translating the text strings, such as values, and strings.xml, that contain the text strings that will be used throughout the application.

Normally, if is in Spanish will have values-it is. In the following example, values-ru it’s in Russian:

Traducir aplicaciones chinas a español

Download | Android Localizer

The only downside, is that is only compatible with Windows. But you can always opt for the method of the video which we have shared with you so that you have more possibilities to be able to translate applications.

What do you think of these ways to translate chinese apps to English? If you know a way faster and more effective, you can always share it with us in the comments.

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