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In howtochoosealaptop we can’t stop playing Clash Royale. Yesterday we told you all the changes of the new update of may and today we mentioned how you can get out on TV Royale. But this does not end here, because not so long ago we did an article of how to attack with the freezing and the download, and a user asked us what to do to defend ourselves from the freezing in the Clash Royale. Well, then we’ll see how to stop freezing in the Clash Royale. We hope to serve you.

How to stop/defend freezing in the Clash Royale

congelante clash royaleThe letter freezing (ice) is very strong, because it freezes everything it finds and you can continue attacking as if nothing had happened. Yes it is true that many times we put it later, either by the connection or because we have not been at all days. However, it is a very powerful attack that has become very popular with the montapuercos and the minions. These are the tricks to stop the freezing:

  • freezing. If you freeze, make it the same. It is clear that if you ask how to defend yourself against the freezing is because you don’t have this card in your deck. However, if you decide to include it (you could come in handy), you already know how to stop you from freezing, congel├índolo you also.
  • With the new letter from the miner. There is a new letter that is spectacular and that is the miner that gets to Clash Royale. What is so special, is that it can appear in any place of the sand, so if you freeze and send it just to that point, there will be defeated to that letter that was attacking your tower. This could not serve for the minions.
  • Ball of fire / rocket / lightning / shock / poison. If you freeze, you can cut off the story with any of these cards. Download what stuns you and help to gain time. Ball of fire what for and win something from time to time that it takes away from life. With the lightning it is better to have other goals close also. And finally, the rocket sure to leave K. O but like you don’t want to spend that much elixir. The poison takes some damage, but just do not compensates, almost better to use it on your tower.
  • With other letters. This is that it depends on what card to freeze. If you freeze the balloon, you need yes or yes or goblins of the spear, or minions, or mage… a letter that air attack, baby dragon, or other. So you’ll have to be quick and freeze it for you too or send any of these cards so that you finish with the globe before the end of your tower. It is important to have small cards if you freeze, to send quick, as in these cases a second or two of freezing could mean the death of the tower. Of course a letter such as the barbarians or minions could funcionarte always, but to see if you’re lucky and you freeze them before putting them on.

The key: the freezing (ice)

do You has been of some help the tutorial? The truth is that to defend against the freezing without freezing is complicated. With small letters, you can do a lot of damage, and although freeze maybe the joke only serves for one or two attacks. And many times not even balanced, because if you have spent the elixir on to send another letter, and freezing, may be to zero and you can take advantage of to send on the other hand a prince, globe or a letter from these strong to make a lot of damage and get even. It is another form of play.

don’t hesitate to tell us your tricks and tips about it, which will add happy. What a enjoy!

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