How to share apps from Google Play with 5 people

Compartir aplicaciones de Google Play con 5 personas

What is certain is that the fact that you pay for one and use 5, is very good. And this is the new that will be coming up soon because we’re going to be able to share apps from Google Play with 5 people. do But when and how will I be able to do? That you are going to tell you below, but you’ll breakthrough that within a very short time, because it is estimated that by July it will be available in all the corners.

The guys from Google a few days ago we got great news, the share apps in Google Play with up to 5 family members. So the whole family can enjoy of the best apps pay for Android, in order to squeeze more the possibilities of your smartphone and without re-checkout, because that one is already enough. Great initiative of Google.

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Share apps from Google Play with 5 people

All paid apps that are purchased after July 2, 2016, will be automatically included in the family’s Collection. That is to say, that from that day no longer have to worry about anything.

What do I do if I have purchased from before? How can I not share them? Yes, it is possible. But you will need a developer account to use the apps purchased. However, we hope that Google will let us recover the apps that we have paid without the account of the developer.

These are the steps that we would have the following:

  • sign in to Google Play Developer Console.
  • Select the app.
  • Selects price and distribution.
  • In the “family Library”, select the check box.

If you enter here and in the family’s collection, you’ll be able to access all the information.

Soon we will tell you much more, because this will be still available as of 2 July, so that there is no other to wait until that day to know more and be able to tell with accuracy.

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