How to set your WhatsApp to make it more secure?

Many people believe that WhatsApp is a secured application and other people believe just the opposite. The reality is that all applications are safe, or unsafe depending on the type of use that we give, and what for some is security for others it can be a double-edged sword.

WhatsApp is an application used by virtually the entire world, and today even our grandparents used WhatsApp to communicate with us, something I never believed to be able to see and that is happening. Now that WhatsApp is one of the applications most used today is the white of millions of cybercriminals and hackers that attempt to overcome the security of the platform to put in danger to the users or try to search through information that does not belong to him.

Seguridad WhatsApp

How can we make WhatsApp a secure application?

WhatsApp seems to us an application quite secure and difficult to hack but what is certain is that, if we follow a few steps, we can increase the security of the application and make you be a victim of the hackers is much more complicated.

Before anything because we are going to clarify that some of the modifications that we are going to do may not interest you and are not compulsory but what is certain is that have Pros and Cons as the next.

Descargar WhatsApp 2.12.224 y guardar conversaciones en Google Drive

Disables the synchronization with the cloud

synchronization with the cloud is not encrypted and that means that, to synchronize our account with the cloud, we re-completely vulnerable. It is very difficult for someone to eavesdrop on our conversations through this method, but if we uncheck this option it will be impossible to do so.

To disable the sync with Google Drive, just go to Settings – Chats and Backup select Never. It is likely that this option not be enabled, and in the event that it were we can go to Google Driver and delete our conversations from WhatsApp. We will win for sure, but we will lose all our conversations in case you lose your mobile, it is something that is there to choose.

Privacidad WhatsApp

Modify the privacy settings of

is Not the first time that we talk about how to configure our privacy in WhatsApp and in fact here we have an extensive guide of how we recommend setting it up but we are going to go over a little bit this paragraph.

we Can remove the time of last connection, make that the profile photo is only visible to contacts and also we can disable double check blue. We don’t see it, or time of last connection, or double check blue, but no one can spy on you when we connect or when we read the conversations. we’ll Gain in privacy and we will lose options but it is recommended.

Codigo QR cifrado WhatsApp

Changes the encryption key or make sure that you are using the same

at The beginning people believed that WhatsApp encriptaba conversations and that was not true. Today yes it does, and in fact the key can change each time a contact changes to phone.

we Can activate the Settings – Security notice security Notification and that way we will be able to update the key every time a friend the change to avoid surprises, it is not required but is recommended. We can also see if the conversations with our contacts are safe, just go to View contact and press on Encryption, the code should be the same as that of the other user.

Locks your phone, and keep it updated

it is worth nothing all of the above if your phone has the Android version more old of the market, the version of WhatsApp is outdated and the phone has no lock. If our phone does not carry lock either can be done with your control if found on the street and we will have a serious security issue.

to Update the system, apps, and everything else not only serves to have advanced features but these new software releases always used to patch the vulnerabilities and most important problems of the device.

in Addition to these tips, you can put a PIN to the application of WhatsApp, but to us it does not seem a correct solution since no one knows what kind of use do these applications of our terminal. It is best to take the phone locked with a password appropriate and, if it is possible and more convenient, directly with our fingerprint. We will avoid a lot of troubles ensuring our privacy in an application as used as this.

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