How to send files up to 50 MB by Gmail

If you use Gmail, you sure you want to know how to send files up to 50 MB by Gmail. Why? Because, on more than one occasion I’ve run into this limit, and now we tell you how to jump. How? Because it would be very easy, most of what you believe, because it has been Google who we had and now we’ll tell you.

Sure that has happened many times attaching photos or files you jump a bug that prevents you from sending the message, or attach so many things because you are exceeding the limit. Google has given us the answer to avoid that, and it has to do with newness, with change, that passes through change the limit from 25 MB to 50 MB, so that we can receive more files.

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How to send files up to 50 MB by Gmail

Until recently, we could only send attachments up to 25 MB for Gmail. But now, from Mountain View have doubled this limit. That is to say, we now have a limit for attachments is 50 MB in Gmail. This means that now users will be able to receive larger files, with the use of Google Drive, for example, as a good alternative to do so (it is a good service that we always recommend).

You’ll be able to receive files up to 50 MB but to send maximum 25 MB

But be careful, because even though has been increased, only the input limit, the limit for sending attachments is still 25 MB (at least for the moment).

How how can I receive files up to 50 MB in Gmail if I can only send 25 MB? This has an explanation, because the sender could be enviándotelo from another place, you do not have to be Gmail, as not all have this limit. So, less gives a stone, because since many use Gmail, certainly we are going to notice.

however, we expect Google to increase this limit, because 25 MB of shipment may seem too little. However, 50 MB, a priori, should be sufficient. What we will see. What do you think of the new? You can try it now from Gmail without updating anything.

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