How to save videos from Facebook on Android

Guardar vídeos Facebook en Android

When you see a video from Facebook on Android there is the possibility that you like so much that you want to save it for later viewing. Obviously you can always opt to download the videos from Facebook from Android, but this process, in addition to violating the rules of Facebook and violating the privacy of the network requires that you download the video and you occupy space in your terminal. Obviously has advantages because you do not have to use data every time that you upload but it is not the most natural.

why don’t you save the video for later viewing without download it in the terminal? This is one of the best methods that you can employ, and certainly one of the most successful since Facebook has a section where you can save the videos and all types of publications you have called the attention to see them all later.

Guardar vídeos de Facebook Android

How to save videos on Facebook to watch later?

To save a post on Facebook just follow these steps, it is very simple.

  • Within each publication you will find above, on the right, a small arrow-down and when you click on it you find a menu.
  • In the menu, you can check the option Save for later or Save video (according to the version of Facebook that you may have installed).

Where are saved the posts to view later in Facebook?

Find the publications that you’ve saved from Facebook is very simple. So just log in to Facebook and click on the menu above to the right where you will see the access to your profile and more stuff. There, as you see in the picture, there is an option that puts Saved and clicking on it you will have access to all the publications that you have saved for later viewing.

by Clicking on these publications we can access them and by clicking on the menu to the right of them, we can decide not to remember them more because we have already seen, or because we are not interested in. In this section you will also find a filter that will allow us to search for videos stored by publications saved or according to the type of publication that we have decided to remember. What do you think?

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