How to remove access to the Google account in the apps uninstalled

there Are many apps that ask for Google account for certain reasons (such as you can be to access your Drive). What can you do not remember, is the amount of apps that you have installed in your day that you asked for the Google account and then desinstalaste… On many occasions, to keep this information. So for the question of safety, you could come as well delete it. Today we are going to tell you how to remove access to the Google account on apps uninstalled.

The best part is that this you’re going to be able to achieve this in an easy way. Only you will 2 lead two minutes. You can take advantage of the weekend to give you the whim:


Remove access to the Google account on apps uninstalled

If you want delete the permissions of these apps, we will tell you how you can do it without installing additional apps.

From this link, you’ll be able to access all of the apps that have permissions. Just enter that link, if you’re logged in with your Google account, you’re going to see all the apps that have access to your Google account. In addition to other disclosures. You can see yourself in the picture above.

If you click above, you will see the option of “remove“. If you remove it, it automatically removes these permissions. But then from your mobile you will be able to re-accept it whenever you want. It is very interesting, because you will be able to see everything you have access and also, when it happened.

Now you’re more sure

Now you’re going to be a lot more secure. This will recommend it especially for the apps that you have uninstalled. Because if you are already not in use… it is not fair that they have your information. You already see that you’ll be able to remove all the permissions and accesses of the apps that you want in record time.

In Marshmallow whenever you install an app, the operating you question about the permissions. When you go to the app, you can also manage the permissions. But the previous versions of Android, not. It is something that Google should improve.

however, now you know how to remove the access to your Google account in the apps that you want.

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