How to recover your lost Android with Dr. Fone files, video included!

Dr. Fone para Android

not know about you but to a server, especially in those moments where change ROM was a hidden passion, loss of files whether images, songs, videos or posts ended up being a slab to end of a few processes.

backups are a reality, and are perfectly useful for all those sighted people take into account the importance of making a good backup . For users who do not identify with that group, Dr. Fone can be a great solution to lost files on Android .

With the loss of files, Dr. Fone for Windows

The application is now going to analyze video from the channel of co-WinPhone metro comes in format desktop app for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (even I could try in Windows 10 without problems ) and has a very intuitive design and interface.

The steps are very easy to perform : you enable the USB debugging option in developer choices our terminal; connect the terminal to the computer with Dr. Fone to open Windows; the application detects your terminal; We mark the type of content (images, video, discussions, etc.) we want to recover, and proceed to perform the different tests and restarts required for carrying out the process; at the end of the analysis, we will see a number of files that can be recovered under our computer. Ready!

As you can see in the video above, the process, although it is rather long but understandable given that is not a simple backup is quite specific and affordable for any public with little Android or computer skills in general.

Clearly, prevention is always better than cure, run out of those images to remember that we both liked and those songs were not our heads on days that are also part of our daily life is like dish anyone, and for a simple oversight we can finish eliminating them. Dr. Fone is a very good alternative for all those panics .

Download Wondershare Dr. Fone Android in Windows

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