How to read QR codes without installing any application on Android

QR codes, or codes of BIDI are not something that have been put out of fashion in no time but yes it is true that still we continue to see in many sites. Now, our mobile phone by default, in most layers of customization, does not allow reading QR codes so easy, or so it seems.

from Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the appearance of Google Now on Tap all can read QR codes without any extra application but most of the users don’t know it. No need to install an app to read QR codes just have to know how to use this function.


How do I activate the function to read the QR codes of Google Now on Tap?

Many will know that with the birth of Nougat Now on Tap has also changed name, and what is certain is that now the shortcut is a little different but pretty simple.

to be able To read the QR codes, use “Search screen – ” the wizard of Google features, you only need to point to the camera with the QR code or see it on the screen and the rest will Google Now on Tap or whatever that is call now.

Google Now on Tap serves to read QR codes

yes, must make sure that the function is activated and for that you have to follow a path very simple:

  • We look for it in Settings the Settings Google.
  • Enter Search and Google Now.
  • We Search screen – .
  • Activate the two switches, the one that says show suggestions and the improvement to the search screen.

once you verify it (if the first is turned on it is also) you just have to scan a QR code with the camera. Without leave of focus click on the start button two seconds and loose, you will leave Google Now on Tap, and read the BiDi code but you will need Internet to do so.

The QR code can be a URL or a simple text. Remember that you must have Internet connection enabled for everything to work well. The steps are simple and is useful for not having to install apps extra.

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