How to read a PDF on Android

Leer PDF en Android

some days Ago a user asked how to open a PDF file in Android and what is certain is that this is very simple. Obviously this tutorial is for novice users, since most of you will know how to open a PDF file.

most layers of customization of manufacturers (BlinkFeed from HTC, TouchWiz from Samsung, EMUI Huawei, etc) have a manager built-in PDF, have been installed in your suite with some extra program or even enjoy viewer PDFs Google Drive but not all all the Android come with the integrated series.

Abrir un PDF en Android

How to install a PDF reader in Android?

In the case that you are one of the few users who is not able to open a PDF file in Android it is best that you choose to install any reader of PDFs and although the Adobe is the most used we recommend the reader PDF Google.

To install a reader PDFs, in this case the Google, just go through this link which will take you to Google Play or install from this link the .apk using the native installation .apk in Android.

once installed you just have to locate the PDF file you’ve downloaded (or re-download, sometimes is more easy) and open it with the PDF reader which we have installed which in this case is called PDF Reader Google.

on the contrary, If you are looking for a more advanced tool that allows you to read PDFs, and even create PDFs in Android the easy way we recommend to install WPS Office which is the manager of office that comes installed by default in some mobile Honor but that such good results has given, in fact the layer of customization Huawei (EMUI) is not that we liked it a lot, but the suite of programs included and the own programs of Huawei are really interesting, so much so that even some users opt to install the file manager of EMUI on your mobile extra-official.

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