How to play with the Megaesbirro of Clash Royale


If you touched the megaesbirro, it is possible that you’re wondering how to play with the megaesbirro of Clash Royale. This is one of the new cards that has reached the popular success of Supercell and that however, still does not end to convince users. Keep in mind, that this letter, if the catch it in level 1 it is normal to be very blandengue… for the rest of the special that you use insurance that you have much more level.

is Not easy play with the megaesbirro of Clash Royale, especially at low levels, because it still doesn’t add anything to the other world. But with time, it is possible that it becomes a letter interesting for fans of the minions. As the following video helps you to know where are the shots with this letter:

How to play with the megaesbirro of Clash Royale

The megaesbirro is a kind of minion with helmet, so in theory, should last longer in battle than a few minions that can be dropped with arrows or zap. However, to use it, I recommend that you at least have it in level 5 or 6… because in the 1 is too loose (it is normal). You’ll have to upload a lot, so it is possible that you will have to wait a lot to use this letter.

you Can play with the megaesbirro on everything to defeat other cards: balloon, barbarians, small letters… the megaesbirro going through the air killing these cards. Even at low levels it kills very well to the barbarians. If you have henchmen, which they spent 3 elixir, maybe you can change them with the megaesbirro to do the test. Yes, if you have it at low level you do not go any good to the game.

it Is great to attack and defend the tower. To attack, you can use it behind a ice mage, or at the time of a balloon or giant. It seems not, but its doing enough damage.

I Insist that if tests in level 1 or 2.. possibly will do you no good. I upload it to the maximum! When you have very high, use it in your deck.

Deck with megaesbirro

Register deck with megaesbirro that works very well:

  • Giant noble.
  • Megaesbirro.
  • Lanzarrocas.
  • Collector of elixir.
  • Goblins.
  • Trunk.
  • Ball of fire.
  • Mosquetera.

we look forward to serve you! It is very strong. Has a cost of elixir of 3.9.

If you have been doubts about the megaesbirro of Clash Royale, leave us a comment.

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