How to play the battles of the Clans Clash Royale: the keys

┬┐you Want to know how to play the battles of the Clans Clash Royale? Before anything to remind you that you hurry… because the Sunday unfortunately will no longer be available. It is so bad, that you are going to remove them and that they are of a temporary, because it is probably the best we have seen in the Clash Royale since its release.

This morning my partner told us all about the Battles of the Clans Clash Royale, but now, we will see exactly how you can play after they have tested. And also we leave you the video below to give you an idea.

How to play the battles of the Clans Clash Royale: keys

The first thing you need to know to play the battles of the Clans Clash Royale, is that the rules are tournament. It is important that you use a deck good for tournament rules. But keep in mind, that could serve you any of your favorites, because you’re going to be playing with your partner and in the end, you can complement each other, so that ye have no gaps.

That you’re going to go giving account as you play with your mates of the clan. Because you see, that with some act very well and others not so much. But when it works, and leave the things, it is a wonder.

To play the battles of the clans just do this:

  • you Need to be in a clan.
  • Need to have a deck (that you know how to play, because although there are rules of tournaments could funcionarte any controls).
  • Enters in the tab of the clans and invite any companion of the clan to a new battle of clans.
  • once you accept, you will come to play.
  • you will have to play in team to win.

The key of winning is to play well and the communication

If the two of you are good, you will achieve that your decks work for sure. But communication is vital. A trick, is to use Discord and speaking voice, to not throw the two in a trunk at the same time… for example.

So this is the way that you play the battle of clans. You’ll have to enter the tab of the clans and play with your best deck and if you can communicate by voice, you and your companion, you will round.

Enjoy, that in a few days it just ?

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