How to play Cuphead on Android?

¿it Is possible to venture in the world of Cuphead in Android? Officially, you can not, but some application developers have created platform games of Cuphead. The truth is that they are quite interesting and entertaining, where we can play with the same character using their classic powers.

Basically are alternatives to Cuphead, made by New Game dev (developers only have they dedicated themselves to create this content). If you want to know about these 3 games of Cuphead in Android, here I’ll explain.

A delivery very easily, and with worlds too easy, is a good choice for children. We can move the worlds quickly, and in addition have reactions of the characters are very basic, as are their successors.

likewise, it is good to test the game, because some players qualify in a good way. Though hopefully with time, these developers improve the gameplay and the experience for the user.

Cuphead: Mysterious Castle World Mugman

This is the second game that we can see Cuphead. Over time they have improved some things, such as the control buttons for a faster reaction. The difficulty has been increased, whereas the first was very repetitive and boring.

in Addition, it is based on the Castle Mysterious world of Cuphead, and there will be diamonds hidden that we have to find. In this case, the diamonds would be as the stars in Mario Bros.

Cuphead: Adventure Game Fun World Mugman

This has been the latest that have been taken out, its dynamics is very simple. The typical game platforms, or copies of Mario Bros, but entertaining. I have placed an ambience different, and in addition, added new enemies.

are Not the best platform games that exist, but while we hope to make a real game of Cuphead, we can hang out with them. However, the company StudioMDHR (original), not mentioned nothing about a launch for mobile, but it is still expected by many fans.

For now, these 3 games are the most similar to the original, so it is not bad to try them and give your opinion about them.

¿have You tried any of these versions of Cuphead? let us know what do you think of the gameplay.

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