How to make screenshots in full on Android

Capturas pantalla completas Android

this is Not the first time that we the need arises to do a screenshot on any Android mobile and they all have a combination of buttons that allows us to capture what is on screen unless it is protected content, such as Snapchat.

Now, not all of them allow you to make a capture full screen since this option is more unknown but it is not the first time that we need to do a screen capture of a web full or of a conversation of WhatsApp bigger than what occupies the screen.

How do you do a screenshot of the full screen in Android?

Make a screenshot of full screen in Android is not possible with the options native to the Android but there are applications that allow us to do, capture a complete web page or a conversation much larger what gets on the screen.

Stitch & Share is an application that allows us to take multiple shots and then stitch them together in the vertical. Yes, once you have downloaded the app it will be opened in the background, waiting to to take several shots at once. When we take 2 or more on the screen the app will launch a notification to us to encourage them.

When clicking on the notification will open the application and we will show each one of the catches separately. With the scissors we can join the catch and some of them will join automatically, while other times we’ll be the ones that have to put together manually, by dragging the shots to fit to perfection.

How to make screen shots complete without a watermark?

once united the catches can be to save or send directly to through a web link. The application is completely free and can be found in Google Play but the free version includes advertising and in addition shows a watermark in the screenshots.

To buy the Premium version and get rid of the annoying watermark and the advertising we will have to pay 0,99 euros, a figure of laughter if we take into account that this service is something that need many users and simplify life in an extraordinary way.

WP-Appbox: Stitch & Share: big screenshot (Free*, Google Play) →

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