How to make our Android phone to read notifications aloud?

Notificaciones Android Lollipop

One of the things that strikes me most is that Android does not know read notifications aloud, well, actually I do know but it is not that this section is the strongest on Android so it is advisable to wear something that help us to do so.

you Should know that there are a lot of applications that read notifications aloud for you and in this way, if you’re listening to music (for example), your phone will read the last message that has arrived, or the name of the person who is calling you. To do this there are several applications and as there are so many we have only chosen two, because otherwise we’re going to roll more of what you are.

Audify you read notifications aloud

Audify will speak of your notifications through the speaker or headphones and even you can ignore the notifications that you don’t like too much, with the time Audify will learn what interests you and what not to show you only what is useful for you.

When Audify is active this starts to work if you connect a headphone or speaker cable or wirelessly (for example, when you connect the hands free in the car). You can block notifications that do not interest you and completely customize the list of notifications that are read and not read. You can also hide content on some notifications. If you want to try it you should know that you can download for free from Google Play.

WP-Appbox: Audify Notification Reader (Free*, Google Play) →

Voice Notifications, one more alternative that reads notifications

Voice Notifications allows you to get notifications of voice when you come to the phone. The application reads without having to touch your smartphone and you can say aloud who is calling you, reading text messages, etc., it Is very useful when you cycle, you run or you are working already you don’t need to touch the phone to know what is going on.

WP-Appbox: Voice Notification : Shouter (Free, Google Play) →

we Hope that some of these two applications you like to read notifications out loud in Android. do you Know any different that works better than these?

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