How to know if your mobile phone is free in a matter of seconds

Before the iOS and Android devices came to our lives, many of the mobile phones that were sold were for the exclusive use of a single operator. However, with the passing of the years, this has changed dramatically. Similarly, today, we’ll explain how to know if a mobile is released. it Is more easy than you think!

¿you Bought a phone and wanted to know if it is free? Then you’ve come to the right place, here I will explain how to know it very easily. Eye, if what you wanted was to know the IMEI, then take a look at this post.

So you can tell if your mobile phone is released

Use the card of another operator, sounds simple but it is the most effective way to know if the mobile is free. If entering the SIM card you can use the phone normally, then it is free.

Quiet, in case you don’t find a SIM card compatible with your mobile there are other ways to find out if it is released. The mobile universe always provides various solutions to our everyday problems.

alternative Methods

old Terminals Samsung: dial *#7465625#. After you type that in the calling app, you will be presented with a dialog box and if your terminal is free the first option will tell OFF.

Huawei: the same method as the above but with the code *#*#2846579#*#*. You will enter the path Project Menu > Network Settings > SIM Card lock state, and then you’ll be able to check if it is free. In the case that it is not released, it will say “SIM Card Lock State NW_LOCKED”.

Depending on the operating system, some Motorola and LG tell you if it is released within Settings. Go to the settings, tap “About phone” and if the software version does not include the name of any operator means is released.

Eye, it is necessary to emphasize that these methods could change depending on the mobile you have. You can also enter to know the detailed information about the device in question. There are several ways to know if your mobile is unlocked, if you have a Moto G could do it also with this method.

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