How to install Google Assistant on any Android with a Nougat without root?

The Google Pixel are high-end phones with Android, without a doubt some of the best phones that you can buy currently. Now, in addition to having the latest version of Android also have exclusive features such as the new wizard of Google, Google Assistant.

there are Currently very few phones that can have Google Assistant integrated series but there’s already a modification that allows install Google Assistant on any Android phone and although it is not necessary to be root yes we need to have a recovery custom to be able to flash the modification.

How to install Google Assistant on any Android?

Google Assistant makes use of the artificial intelligence to offer something very similar to what it offers Cortana in Windows 10, Alexa in Amazon or Siri in Apple. The wizard is quite advanced and can solve some questions that other attendees from more primitive are not able to solve.

Now, Google Assistant comes standard on the Pixel and is not available in the Google Play Store (at least for the moment). To install the Google Assistant, you only need two things:

  • A mobile Android 7 Nougat (Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, etc). What normal currently is to have a custom ROM already that these brands do not yet have an official version of Nougat in the majority of cases.
  • Need to have TWRP (recovery custom) installed. In the opposite case, you most likely also have Nougat.

If you meet the requirements, you can already download Pixel Experience Launcher version 2.2.1. Once you have downloaded the ZIP it is necessary to put it in the root folder of the storage system.

  • Now, from TWRP, click on the button Install and select the ZIP that we have copied (before it is advisable to make a backup for if the flies).
  • once you have flashed the file, restart the smartphone in the button Reboot and, at the start, holding down the Home button to open the new Google Assistant, which we have installed in our mobile.

As you can see, it very easy, you just have to flash file from TWRP and have the wizard installed on your smartphone. It is likely that work from other recovery custom, and even from Flashify.

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