How to install Android apps in Chrome OS

Instalar aplicaciones de Android en Chrome OS

If you have a Chromebook you may ask how to install Android apps in Chrome OS, and it is certain that, even if you think that you can’t do it and so easy to just add a extension to your Chromebook. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the large catalog of applications that we have available for Android on your Chromebook.

How to install Android apps in Chrome OS

are you Wanting Android apps on your Chromebook? For this reason, in this article we will see how to install Android applications on Chrome OS, easy, with just having the APK. This is what we will do in the following way:

  • Please have your Chromebook and searches for the extension “ARC Welder“. So you will only have to click on “add extension” and in a few seconds you will have installed in the browser.

instalar aplicaciones android en chromebook

  • After you have installed ARC Welder, you can easily find on the Chromebook, and you’ll have to open it to start the process. If you open it, you will be prompted to add an APK, “add your APK“.
  • Now you’ll have to find the APK of that application in Android that you want to have in your Chromebook. This can be done in a simple way, because it shall suffice to spend for pages as APK Mirror to get that APK that you’re looking for.
  • , After you have inserted the APK, you’ll be able to modify the parameters that you want as well as the orientation and complete the process.

If all has gone well, and we’ll have our Android app installed on our Chromebook. It is really simple, because you just have to get this extension, enter the APK and complete the process. The application inserted by APK will be installed on our Chromebook.

A Chrome OS much more open

We are no doubt faced with an amazing advance, that allows us to squeeze the most out of our laptop with Chrome OS, because until now it was more limited for many users. But so we can use all sorts of applications, even Android. You’ll be able to have many more possibilities from the same machine.

What do you think of all this? Have you managed to install Android applications on Chrome OS? you Can on these days in the comments. As well as if you have any problem we will be able to help you.

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