How to have two accounts WhatsApp with App Cloner

If there is an app whose popularity is growing steadily in the last few months is App Cloner. This application allows you to clone any installed application on your phone. For those who, for whatever reason, have to access more than one account on your device, this type of applications can be of enormous utility. In this way, when you clone an application, you can have your personal account and your work available at all times. Undoubtedly, you can be very comfortable for those who need to be aware of the work often.

One of the utilities App Cloner is also able to clone WhatsApp. There were many problems in the beginning, since the application give problems when you clone WhatsApp and generally could not. With the new version 1.4.0 of the App Cloner it seems that the problems have been remedied, at least in large part. I have to say that I could not clone WhatsApp in my first attempts, so there are still some aspects that do not function at 100%, at least in my personal experience.

How to clone WhatsApp

once you have installed the correct version of the App Cloner, which you can download here, the process is fairly straightforward. As you can see in the application you get a list of all those applications that you have installed on your phone. That in the first column. The other two show the applications that have been cloned and the APK cloned. Just select the application you wish to clone. In this case we select Whatsapp.

once you select, you come to the menu of the second image. You the option of putting the number you want in the icon of Whatsapp that you are going to clone, if you wanted to clone Whatsapp more than once. Also, to be able to differentiate much better the real application of the cloned, you can change the tone of the icon of the application. There are quite a few colors available, it will be easy to differentiate the two.

After this, just with click on ok. Now I just need to wait a few seconds to perform the installation of the clone of WhatsApp. If there is any problem in the process you will get a notification. As I have said, with Whatsapp I’ve had a lot of problems, so that you may pass to any of you. App Cloner is available in Google Play as you can see. To be able to carry out the installation of WhatsApp is need to have the paid version for 3,99€. I don’t know if it is interesting enough for you, but the usefulness of the App Cloner is demonstrated.

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