How to get the new cards of Clash Royale

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If you want to know how to get the new cards of Clash Royale, you’ve come to the right place because we will tell you everything you need to know to get them. First you must know that we have new cards, some are still not available to anyone (such as the legendary spell of skeletons or the golem of ice), however others are already available, but not all the players have, for various reasons. So, all of the options that we have in October for to get new cards in the Clash Royale:

4 nuevas cartas Clash Royale septiembre 2016

How to get the new cards of Clash Royale

Some of the letters Clash Royale as the megaesbirro or dragon infernal since you can get in the game, while the other, the golem of ice and a spell of skeletons have yet to get to the game. If you’re looking for arenas, you will see the days that are missing. For the Golem of ice puts about 6 days and for the new legendary, puts in brief (which we assume will be approximately 21 days).

this is how you can get them:

  • Some in chests legendary (you will from time to time in the shop to buy, like once a week). They are expensive. Pack of 500 gems (5 euros), or pack for 9,99 € with coins and gems. Here you can touch the dragon infernal, which is the legendary or the spell of skeletons when the day comes that it is available.
  • In any chest for free. You will be able to play the new cards in chests, free of crowns and that they give you in the battles. In the tournament, and also, in which you can buy. Not on the epic, just epic remember.
  • In the store to buy. These cards you’ll be able to buy them in the store as well. Megaesbirro out many times to buy. Dragon infernal if you’re in the arena legendary I could get out to buy. It will cost 40.000 coins, see saving.

These are the ways of to get new cards that are coming to the game.

Trick (if you have gems)

A trick that makes many users to get the cards before, is to go up spending gems by opening chests that are available to them. The more chests you open, the more cards you get, therefore… could touch you one of these special cards. You already know that there are more likely to be in supermágico. If you can buy one, all the better.

Remember that to day of today, or golem of ice, or spell of skeletons are available in the Clash Royale. So that you will not be able to get them. Will be available soon, before the end of October both (we hope).

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