How to get in TV Royale in the new update

Clash Royale

Many of you have asked in the comments how to get on TV Royale in the new update of Clash Royale. Let us remember, that since yesterday we have many exciting changes in the Clash Royale, and one of them is that we now have in TV Royale the best battles in each arena, so if you want to go out to all the world in this article we will tell you how you can get it.

How to get on TV Royale of Clash Royale

few days Ago we spoke of this newness of the battles in TV Royale of any sand and now it’s official. If you download the latest version of Clash Royale, and we got on TV Royale, we see that we have a drop-down menu to access the best battles in each arena.

batallas de cualquier arena clash royaleit Is also possible that you have noticed that yesterday were only a couple of shares by sand, and today we have many more. Influences that have a stop of 20 minutes in the game, was dropped this morning Clash Royale, in maintenance.

If we go in the Clash Royale, we see that we have the best battles for the sand and that all have a lot of reproductions. Because here is the key, in the reproductions. We have No way of sending TV Royale our own reps, because otherwise it would be chaos if everyone did that. What we need to do is just to play well and be lucky enough to enjoy a epic battle. Clash Royale recorded the best moves, and if yours is one of the best the broadcast on TV Royale, as simple as that.

you Depend on you and your opponent, your battle

We are investigating if it influences share a game amazing with our clan. If it reaches many repetitions, and our peers are still sharing and playing, Clash Royale would see that it is popular and could get you on TV Royale. However this is not what we know to be 100%. We have already been in contact with Supercell for us to clarify something further.

we will Continue to investigate well as this is going. In the meantime, try to be the best and live a game epic to come out in TV Royale. Sure that sooner or later you get it if you really deserve it.

what has become clear how to get on TV Royale in the new update? You try to play as best you can, that is if you deserve it you’re going to get insurance.

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