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it Seems that the bots are out of fashion because Mark wanted to add it to your social network, Facebook. Specifically, Bots for Messenger bots for messenger) would be arriving today at some points of the map. And it seems that it will bots the thing, because in Messenger, we already have some available and yesterday Telegram was updated with 4 new bots for your application. But if you want to have the bots in Messenger is already possible and we tell you everything you need to know:

The bots come to Facebook Messenger

We have good news for you because the beta version of Messenger is already available, so that developers could go about creating any type of bots for the users. Even David Marcus showed us a bot for the time under the name of “Poncho”. This bot allows us to know in what weather conditions we encounter in a given area.

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How do I access the bots?

once you have downloaded and installed the latest beta Messenger as we will see below, we enter into the application and access button, FAB “more”. The typical button that we enter always to do virtually anything on Messenger. We warned that we must not download or install anything. Simply, you have to find the bots that you want.

In the section “Bots and companies”, you’ll find “Hi Poncho”. If you enter it, you will see the option of “get started” to begin to communicate with the. For now is only available with communication in English, as would be expected.

are Not a bad idea this of the bots, although the truth is that they do not found anything in Messenger. The users who are asking for features, but since then this not. However, a gift horse… And we can not overlook nor is it that yesterday we talked to you about the new feature of Messenger a part of the botnet, Dropbox. Now we can send files directly through Dropbox on Messenger, another interesting feature.

How do I get the bots to Messenger?

But to get the bots to Messenger, you will have to to update the application. I leave below links to the Google Play and APK Mirror. You need to, at least today, Messenger 67 beta, is a beta of the application and there you can do testing now with the bots. What a enjoy!

What do you think of this bots for Messenger? Do you like the idea?

Download | Messenger in Google Play | Messenger 67 beta on APK Mirror

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