How to follow the final of Eurovision 2017 from your Android mobile

Unless you live on another planet you’ll know that today will take place the final of Eurovision 2017. For this reason, in this article we will tell how to watch the final of Eurovision 2017 in Android. This festival will be able to follow him from now on, from the TVE, however, until the 21:00, we could say that it does not start.

In this festival can happen, but there has been a lot of controversy, since everything indicates that our candidate of Spain would be in last place. We know that each time we are going to worse in this festival and we have yet to understand why we continue to participate… but now, for this festival of 2017 would be the last if there are no changes.

How to watch the final of Eurovision 2017

to Be past is not another thing that to be the worst song of all. We know that other years we have had unfair results, but what is certain, is that the song of this year is a tad bad and loose, but do as much as get last? I hope your opinion in the comments ? But it has sown a lot of criticism and people don’t like it, so that could happen.

This is one of the evidence of our candidate, do not miss it:

Now, without further ado, we want to tell you how to watch the final of Eurovision 2017 in Android. If you do not have the opportunity to see it through the TV, with the passing of the years the technology has evolved so much that you’ll be able to view it from your mobile. How? In several ways, via web or app. But the best part is with the app, because the experience is much more optimal.

Apps to see the final of Eurovision 2017 in Android

The best option to enjoy Eurovision 2017 is to download the official mobile app of TVE for Android. Once the download free in the Play Store, you will only have to open it so that the start of the festival (21 hours), so you can follow it from your smartphone.

These are the apps of TVE’s official for Android, for mobile and tablet:

RTVE Mobile (Free, Google Play) → | Tablet (Free, Google Play) →

do you know how to watch the final of Eurovision 2017 in Android? Do you have been helpful these apps to follow Eurovision from your mobile device? Who is your winner?

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