How to follow the Euro from Periscope and Came

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┬┐would You like to to follow the Euro from the Periscope and I Came? it Is clear that we are before one of the football tournaments of the time, because we all have eyes like plates when we see the parties of the Selections, which are always amazing. But now we are going to tell you how you can follow them on Came and Periscope, strictly live.

Because you have been told how to see the Euro 2016 from Android, but now let’s go a little further and we will tell you how you can follow in Periscope and Vine.

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Follow Euro from Periscope and Vine

would You like to enjoy the european Championship in Periscope and Came? This you’ll be able to do so easily from Android, with the respective applications.

Now, anyone will be able to follow the transmissions of both the UEFA as teams from the european Championship. We will be able to be aware of and live trainings and of all the curiosities place and for having. Because although UEFA has communicated that it will not allow the use of Periscope in certain areas, sure that something we managed to scratch (always slip moments), and for the curious who want to know everything about the Euro will be able to enjoy it live.

The same thing with Vine. In addition, the account of the @EURO2016 has a Vine like you see in the profile. So if you don’t want to miss the best short of the day, I recommend you try it. With these apps, you’ll be able to follow the Euro 2016 from Android. So you will not miss the best moments that are offered from Periscope, and videos quick 6-minute Vine.

I tell you, you don’t need anything more than the apps, which I’ll leave below for you to download from the Google Play:

do You dare to test the apps? We are faced with another way to enjoy football.

Download | Periscope | Vine

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