How to enable or disable the automatic backup in Google Photos

Google Photos app

One of the best innovations presented in the past Google I / O 2015 has been full renewal application Google Photos . This has improved all its functionality and user interface , adding the ability to be updated by APK files or via Google Play, because right now no longer part of the social network Google +.

However, for those who are unaware there is some function that performs a backup in the cloud of all our photographs or images stored in the terminal. To avoid continuous synchronization of the application, which also occupy a central space in Google Drive generates higher energy consumption than usual in your terminal, we detail how to disable it easily and quickly.

Disables backup Google Photos

  1. Open your application drawer and default launcher execute Google Photos .
  2. Slide your finger from left to right to display the application menu, or by pressing the upper left button labeled “hamburger menu”.
  3. Go to “Settings”, “Back up and synchronize”. Once inside we disable backup by the top right button.

Desactivar copia de seguridad Google Fotos

At this point we have completely disabled the continuous synchronization generates the backup images of our terminal and photographs. Of course also serves making process in reverse and, if necessary, activate the backup.

In fact, if you want your photos do not undermine the storage capacity of your account in Google Drive you can choose the upload size to “High Quality” will be unlimited forever and the quality loss it is negligible .

What if I remove it completely, I will avoid the synchronization?

Interestingly, if you remove the Google Photos application with backup option enabled will continue to do . For this it is best to proceed to disable it and then delete it from your phone, because in one way or another is anchored and continues its work.

From right now, if you have carried out successful deactivation can start using other services cloud offering you more, or even to be more to your liking .

What do you think about Google Photos, is the current best choice? Are there better services to support your photos?

And you do you think? Head over How to enable or disable the automatic backup in Google Photos to leave your mark.

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