How to earn more gold in Clash Royale and how to spend it

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Earn gold in Clash Royale it is vital to perform some of the actions more natural game as you do battle or buy cards to level up our characters.

this Is one of the reasons why we should opt for a good strategy to get a lot of gold in Clash Royale since neglecting this could lead us to the inability to attack or to a capacity improvement reduced.

How to earn gold in Clash Royale?

There are different ways to get gold in Clash Royale, and there is a perfect strategy to win it but these are the different ways you can do this:

  • you will Receive gold opening chests of all kinds, usually the more level you have the chest more gold you will receive.
  • you will Also receive gold each time you gifts cards to the members of your clan, hence the importance of having a clan active.
  • The gold, like everything in the game, also you can buy money physical or gems, if you run out of gold and have gems you can buy one to continue playing. Through in-app purchases are to purchase all, but we do not recommend this method to get gold even though they have something to live Supercell, that is more than clear.

Having gold is vital to be able to play the multiplayer

how To use the gold in the Clash Royale?

The gold has a very important function in the Clash Royale, and if you opt for to buy it can better your deck of cards faster than anyone else, you can use it for different things:

  • Buy new cards. The gold can be used to buy cards that will help us to level up the cards that we have.
  • Upgrade cards. Even if you have enough cards to level up a character, attack or defense, it will be necessary to use a quantity of gold large to improve the card finally.
  • Search for opponents. Each time you fight you’ll have to spend a certain amount of gold, at the beginning, will start to be a currency but may in the future, the thing or change as you level up where the cost is multiplied.

To keep and earn a lot of gold ask a lot of battles which will mean that there will always be a chest that is opening for you and, when this is open you’ll have more gold with which to improve cards. So it is not recommended to update all the cards at gold base but they are based on the exchange that will help you get more gold to improve them once you have the cards necessary to level up a letter.

What do you think of Clash Royale? The truth is that you are having a good acceptance among the users.

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