How to download WhatsApp for your Android tablet from the Play Store?

It may not be the most common, but many Android tablets have 4G, and the users need to install WhatsApp on them. However, to date, WhatsApp has never been compatible with Android tablets (officially).

This looks like it’s going to change soon, as the beta version of WhatsApp in Play Store already allows you to download it officially for this platform. Some time ago I taught you how to install WhatsApp on any Android tablet without root but now it is much easier.

How to download WhatsApp for tablets from the Google Play Store?

The only thing you have to do to download WhatsApp on your tablet from the Google Play store is become beta tester of the app. Since the last beta version is already compatible with Android tablets officially.

it Is possible that soon to come also to the final version, but we already know that at times take months to port this type of changes.

  • sign in with your Google account.
  • Click here and become a beta tester of WhatsApp.
  • Now, search for WhatsApp in Google Play from your tablet and ready.

you can now download the messaging application most used in the world in your Android tablet. is Easy, right? If you have any doubt remember to use the comments we can help you.

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