How to do screenshot on the LG G3


despite the fact that LG has already launched two new handsets ahead of the LG G3, we talk about the LG G4 and the new LG V10 still don’t see that much on the street, the LG G3 is a good mobile, a mobile phone, which to this day remains one of the best Android you can buy.

it Is for this reason that we want to teach how to make screenshots on the LG G3 because, unlike other terminals, it gives you the possibility to take screenshots in different ways and for this reason, I will explain how to do a screenshot on the LG G3.

Capturar pantalla LG G3

Method 1: take screenshot on LG G3 normal

As is the case in many Android phone to do a screen capture, just use the necessary combination of physical buttons to perform a screen capture at any time.

, once you’re on the screen you want to capture screen, simply place your index finger on the power button or lock, and in addition press the volume down button. Despite the fact that this combination is a little uncomfortable for the owners “beginners” in LG will come a time when you get used to it.

If you do it right you will see a animation on the screen that will tell you that yes you have made the capture of the same properly. The rest is, as always, it will be saved in your gallery in a capreta enabled for the screen captures and you’ll have a notification in the notification bar as you have made the screenshot correctly. At the beginning it is normal that some go with the volume bar, since you may by having the buttons in the back don’t get to press them too well.

Method 2: Using QuickMemo+ to edit the capture

like the majority of mobile LG, if you are not much of physical buttons or not you like the position of these you can always use QuickMemo+ to take screenshots.

QuickMemo Plus LG G3

To use QuickMemo+ just swipe up from the bottom of the screen where it will show a ring of Google Now with the option QuickMemo+ on the right. If we choose this option to automatically perform a screen capture, and once done you can draw on it, take notes, or even save it to wherever you prefer.

In the case that you don’t want to save it also you can share it directly without problems. What has become clear how to do the screen shots on the LG G3? What is certain is that it is simple but for beginners may not be so intuitive.

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