How to do live streaming on YouTube from the official mobile app on Android?

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube is still working so that users can use even more of their platform than before. Up to now, to do live streaming to YouTube, it was only possible from a PC or from the app beta for Android-but from now on will be available for the whole world.

we Knew that the live streaming of YouTube would come to Android but currently there is still a small limitation, will be only available for youtubers with over 10,000 subscribers. What is true is that it seems to us a pretty correct as YouTube seeks to enable this feature for users who create content of a certain quality and come to have about 10000 subscribers on YouTube is not a very difficult task if you create quality content.


10000 subscribers, the margin to be able to make live streaming

you Only need to have the latest YouTube app for Android, this amount of subscribers and nothing more. From now on you’ll be able to enter your application and start the live streaming from the same. It is very simple, do not need to have the YouTube app Creators, enough with the official app.

in Addition to this novelty, YouTube has also allowed us to enable the superchat to the youtubers with over 1,000 subscribers. To be able to use the superchat have to pay and it is like being in the first row, your youtubers you will read before anyone else in the conversation and it is much more likely that you will respond to, if they want to continue paying for talking to them, obviously.

With 1000 subscribers you can use the superchat

To do a live streaming you just need a mobile phone with a camera and have the application up-to-date. This new option of live streaming will appear at the top of all, nothing more to enter in the YouTube app, in the form of a camera.

by Clicking on it you will see that you are going to begin a Live and prior to doing so you’ll be able to create a small thumbnail image the easy way with the camera of your smartphone. Once you begin the live, you’ll see what people are saying on it and the people who pay for the use of the superchat will appear prominently on your live streaming.

At a time will be available to all over the world the possibility of doing live streaming but now it is bounded to the youtubers a little known though to have 10000 subscribers is not to be a great youtuber if you compare with those who have millions and millions.

Source | Google Blog Spain

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