How to create geofiltros on Snapchat

Crear geofiltros en Snapchat

few days Ago we told you that the geofiltros coming to Snapchat, and now we see how to create geofiltros in Snapchat in just 5 steps. A procedure super fun that should not take us more than a couple of minutes if you already have the design of our filter fact. The only downside, is that the geofiltros are not free, we’re going to have to pay and the price is high because part of 4,50 euros, but in exchange, you’ll be able to have them during a time where you want. I get to know them!

Creates geofiltros on Snapchat easy

first of all, it is important that you know what this is. We we recommend you to watch the following video. After seeing it, you’ll be able to start.

  • The rules are very important. We strongly recommend that you read the regulation to create these geofiltros before anything, because you may spend a lot of work developing a nice design and then you can’t make a reality through this functionality of Snapchat. Read well the rules, that there are so many, and this is basically, what will the team of Snapchat once you receive your application.
  • Now you can make your design. This you can do it as you prefer, through a development tool for the PC (like photoshop) or something much more basic. You decide.
  • once you have your design created, you can send it. Here you will pass the review process. If you’ve read the rules as we recommend in paragraph 1, you will not have problem.
  • it Is time to pay! Here you will have to decide how long you want your filter will last and at what place. This is the most important, because it will determine the price. You can go testing to see the different prices that you come up with. The price is high, as you imagine, a party of about 4,5 euros.
  • do You have passed the filter? Already find available in the filter gallery to Snapchat.

you will Not have to do anything further to have your filter. Remember to read well the rules, to make the filter as you request. It is clear that it is a past to be able to use the filter from the moment you accept it. will appear in the gallery one day after of that time. Is a past, and this should learn a lot of apps, because it is what makes it original and personal, only for now.

We liked a lot of the new stuff from these guys, pity that it is so expensive. But I could always be good for to surprise someone.

What do you think of the new Snapchat? Have you managed to create your geofiltro?

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