How to create fun photos at 360 ° with Sprayscape

Google returns to the fray with a new application that is rooted in the ( photo. On this occasion it is Sprayscape, with which we may create photographs imperfect to 360 degrees.

This application will use the gyroscope of our phone to take pictures inside of a sphere of 360 degrees. The operation is simple and to go see our environment we will press the screen and it will appear that we are painting everything that surrounds us. To visualize what we have created we will also have to turn on ourselves to view the article in full.

then we will see how we are presented with the application and that functions have.

Cómo crear divertidas fotos en 360 grados con Sprayscape

Sprayscape step-by-step

Every time we open the application we will come out a few messages telling us to do, yes, they are in English. As we have already mentioned before, the application is very simple and once we enter the application and follow the directions already know how to use it without any problem.

When you start the application we will see the black screen with a grid and we will have that tap on the screen of our device to go seeing that focused with the camera. Now you just have to turn on ourselves and move the phone to create the desired image. Remember that will not leave a crisp image because it is not an application of conventional photography.

If we look closely, we can see six symbols in our screen, divided into groups of three, in the top or left of our screen and at the bottom or right side of the same, depending on if we use the device in a vertical or horizontal position.

Cómo crear divertidas fotos en 360 grados con SprayscapeIn the top or to the left, we find the symbol of a square, a flash of lightning and the one X. The symbol of the square leads us to the image gallery in 360 degrees that we have made, from there by moving the trap slightly to the left, we will leave the option of deleting it. The lightning allows us to turn on the flash of our mobile. The symbol X allows us to to delete the captured up to that point and start from scratch.

In the opposite side we find the symbols of a circle, a square with a tick, and two arrows creating a circle. The symbol of the circle as you press ira showing the area that will discover when you press the screen, being able to choose between three different sizes. The second of the symbols when you press will save what you have captured and then we give you the option to share it. The symbol of the arrows for its part, is the one that allows us to use the rear camera of our smartphone, or the front at the time of the capture.

The application has no more mysteries because it is quite simple, it only remains to download it and go testing in different scenarios and in different ways, which will be coming out. But remember that there you will find a photograph worthy of competition but the results are distorted.

what have you tried? What you made of it? Was it what you expected?

Google Play | Sprayscape (Free)

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