How to change the font on Samsung Galaxy S7?

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The base of Android is the customization, if Android was not so highly customizable, it could hardly compete in some ranges against other platforms more stable as iOS. Now, that Android is customizable does not mean that all companies adapt their layer of customization so that users can modify certain parameters.

One of the few companies that allows you to customize and change the letter of series, without the need of any extra application, is Samsung. Samsung allows you to change the font since I have memory and what is certain is that change the drive letter on Samsung Galaxy S7 is still as simple as in other phones of the company.

Cambiar letra Galaxy S7

How to change the font on Samsung Galaxy S7?

in Addition to changing the launcher (which normally is already a third party), the packs of icons, the widgets, the wallpaper, etc is going to be necessary change the font to feel at ease and what is certain is that Samsung is easy.

To change the type of letters on Samsung Galaxy S7 follow these instructions as simple as:

  • Go to Settings.
  • look for the option Screen.
  • Click on where it says Source.
  • Now, in this window, you can choose the font size and the font type that you are going to use on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

If among the sources that you can choose is not that you’re looking for you can scroll to the end and add more fonts extra of your Galaxy S7, it is very easy to do. Now, once you choose the font and size up you’ll have a sample of how you’re going to see.

we Hope that you enjoy the new source that you have placed in your Samsung Galaxy S7, but as we go commenting on what you think this change of series. did you Know that you could change the font on the Galaxy S7 so easily?

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