How to change mobile without losing WhatsApp

Cambiar de móvil sin perder WhatsApp

Change of mobile without losing WhatsApp is easy, to do this, we only need to have been cautious, since before change of mobile. Personally, not all that long ago that I changed my phone, so I’ll tell you what I did to not lose WhatsApp. It will take you No more than a few minutes long (depending on what you have stored), and you’ll make sure you have everything up to date without having lost, or conversations, or photos of the courier leader.

Change of mobile without losing WhatsApp

To not losing WhatsApp to change mobile, my advice to you is to do the following:

  • Before you change your mobile, go to your WhatsApp > Settings > Chat and calls > Backup. It is important that you do a backup of the current state of your messages, so that when the restore does not miss a single message. Normally, the backup is made at 2 in the morning, thus you’ll be able to make it at that time to save all of your data. The same thing if you want to include videos.


  • After you have made a Backup of WhatsApp, do not delete your account or much less. Now you can take your new mobile e install WhatsApp. Depending on what mobile you have, by the configuration you automatically install all the applications you already had.
  • After you have installed WhatsApp, you have to indicate that you already have an account using your phone number (for this to work, you must have changed phone, not a number). You will receive your confirmation number, and if all goes well you will see that you have a backup and if you want to restore your messages.
  • After saying yes to everything, you will have your WhatsApp as at the time you changed your mobile phone. Perfect to continue using with all the talks the same. The only change you will see is that you missed the background of your conversations, in your place, you will get the one that comes by default.

Making backups is crucial

And you’re done! As you can see, you do not have any loss. Remember to contact us if you have questions about change of mobile without losing WhatsApp. Ask us if you do not have worked and we will try to help you. Is important that you have backup, or you’ll lose it all.

Council: if you can, make the procedure of the backup over Wi-Fi, because as you might imagine it’s heavy and you sure don’t want to stay without data. You’ll recover everything you want: conversations, images… you will Not have lost anything with the change!

have You managed to change mobile without losing WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments if we can help you in case you had doubts.

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