How to catch Mewtwo in Pokémon Go?


Mewtwo is one of the few legendary Pokémon that are available in the first generation of Pokémon in the Pokémon Go. The truth is that as a result of your appearance there are many rumors that talk about how to capture this legendary Pokémon within the game.

The first theory, that does not seem to us to nothing correct, is that after capturing the 150th Pokémon, Mewtwo appears close to us. It is not a theory which have been able to try so many because of time the legendary Pokémon don’t have the game and there is still a wait but it is ridiculous because it would mean catch of easy way to one of the Pokemon more difficult to get in the game. Yes, it will be much more difficult to capture 150 Pokémons that Mewtwo but it does not seem a valid option.

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How to capture or catch Mewtwo in Pokémon Go?

The rumor that seems to us to be more successful on Mewtwo is another that speaks of that this Pokémon would be a reward during some of the public events of the game and that makes a lot more sense to capture him after capturing all the Pokémon.

we Know that both Niantic as Nintendo have thought of to improve the experience of Pokémon Go bringing the game to different public events, events that take place in large shopping malls inside shops name, one of the Pokémon most famous as the reward could be a perfect choice.

Mewtwo could be the reward of a great event

In the trailer promo of the game, a long time ago, it looked as Mewtwo appeared in a public event and all the Pokémon trainers that were involved in him receiving one of these as a reward though, for what we see in the trailer, many of the features that come out in him yet have not been introduced in the game.

it Seems that Mewtwo could be a reward and the other option is not for anything as cool as this. Yes, we hope that you do not have a price Mewtwo for promotional purposes or otherwise the game will lose the enchanting. Will have to see what happens as soon as the Pokémon Go add this type of public events in the game. We know that, whatever happens, Mewtwo is not going to be a Pokemon easy to catch and neither will it be easy to find.

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