How to block SMS and calls on Android?

Bloquear llamadas y SMS

few days Ago we wrote a user concerned about the privacy of your mobile, what I wanted was block SMS text messages on Android and also calls. For all those users who are looking for an application that can block SMS and calls Android we have found two that do the function perfectly.

Typically the SMS and phone calls block have to do with advertising campaigns annoying numbers that call us daily, or that ex that can’t live without us and are harassing us daily, the use of the person in question is not our thing. Many brands choose to include some method to block calls and SMS in its own layer of software, but some of them do not have a good performance, and in some other not ends to be clear that is why we have made this article with two free applications which you can use for that purpose.

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free is an application very useful since it will let you hide some of your contacts, you’ll be able to block SMS and calls of those contacts that do not want to see or paint. In this application the best thing is that you can configure the selective blocking or complete.

in Addition to all that Call Blocker Free is very comfortable. There are few configurations and has a interface is very polished. What we value most in an application is not that can do a task but that is simple and this is the easiest to when you use it.

in Addition to configuring all of that provides any utility where we can have contacts hidden, call logs and SMS from these contacts hidden, etc, That yes, some options and functions are of payment, but the blocking of calls and SMS is completely free, and it works perfectly.

WP-Appbox: Call Blocker Free – Blacklist (Free, Google Play) →

Mr. Number – Block calls & spam

Mr Number Block Calls SpamMr. Number is one of those apps that takes care of your phone as if it was your older brother. will Not fail to enter any call of the numbers that you set up in the black list nor SMS.

in Addition to that, Mr. Number has a messaging system between the users of this application will not use too much but can be useful if all of your friends installed. Mr. Number is another one of those applications simple and effective at the time of establishing locks.

WP-Appbox: Mr. Number-Block calls & spam-Free*, Google Play) →

As you can see, are the two applications are very similar that they do their job perfectly, they are both totally free and although some incorporates some functions of payment the main function is to block SMS messages and phone calls made perfectly.

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