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Clash Royale has us all very hooked since its release (our record is of almost 3,700 trophies). However, something that bothers a lot of users are the continuous notifications of the game (which, as you’ll deplete the battery). These notifications usually appear in several cases: when there is a message from the clan, when there are chests available to open or that you have forgotten to open, and when you can already take a hit on the clan. If you want to stop receiving these notices, we are going to tell you how to block notifications of Clash Royale.

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How to block notifications of Clash Royale

you Can block notifications of Clash Royale in a simple way:

  • how a notification appears, tap and hold on the notification. You’ll simply have to do this, press and hold for will appear the following options:
    • Show notifications silently. Look just like the notifications but not vibrate or emit sound.
    • Block all notifications. You do not receive any notification from the app, you’ll have to enter to see them. This is the way we recommend if you want to block the notifications completely, so that the app does not bother you and you can save the battery.
    • does Not mute or block. Comes by default, surely you have this option, there is something that you show all the time. I have this option along with the mode of do not disturb to do not sound from the terminal. Consume battery power but I like to be aware of the main apps that I use.

If you want to block the notifications, you will need to click on block all notifications. You will save battery and you won’t have always the annoying on-screen notifications. Note that if you choose this, then do not show you more and you’ll be able to throw them less.

If you repent, you will be able to change it from Applications > Clash Royale > Notifications (here you can change it whenever you want, so you can show it again by clicking on the “do not mute or block”).

This will work for any app

If you see that there are apps that you don’t use or bother the notifications, you can do it the same way. You’ll simply have to block notifications from apps as you have explained.

what has become clear? Leave us a comment if not.

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