How to activate the smart storage Android 7.1 Nougat

If you have Android Nougat, insurance that is because you have a Nexus and have received during these days the update to Android 7.1 Nougat, the new version. We have told all the news of Nougat in depth, and we want to show you a new functionality that comes from the factory. have You heard of the clever storage? you Can enable smart storage of Nougat, we tell you how in this tutorial:


Enable smart storage of Nougat

If you have updated to the latest version of Android 7.1, part of being a privileged you discovered that in Settings > Storage > 3 dots > Free space, there are more options. You’ll see the entire list of junk files that you have available to remove it and gain space.

once you select all the files you want to delete, you will get the typical confirmation message. If you click on “delete” (image 1), then you will get image 2: “manage storage automatically“. From here, you see the following option that says “enables the smart storage automatically erase photos and videos of old when your phone starts to be full“.

This is the option that you will need to dial to to activate the smart storage Android Nougat. This way, whenever your smartphone is pretty full of photos and videos, you will remove the old to make room automatically, without having to worry about you for nothing. This ensures that there will always be space available. We recommend that you backup everything always in Google Photos, so you don’t miss anything.

Is it good or bad to activate the option of smart storage?

Depends. Is well if you are doing backup of all. If you have everything linked in Google Photos with automatic backup (for the case of the photos), you can be calm because you do not you will lose them, as they will simply remove the copy of the device. And just for the photos and videos older, as long as you have the space filled.

We recommend that you go for this option and remove the junk files that you do not paint much. For now only a few users can take advantage of the option, are you one of the lucky ones? do Not hesitate on these days in the comments. If you have questions, we want to help you.

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