How to activate calls on group of Facebook Messenger

llamadas de grupo facebook messenger

a few hours Ago, confirmed the arrival of the calls on the group to Messenger. In this tutorial, we will see how to activate calls on group of Facebook Messenger, so you can try them now, because if all goes well should be lleg├índote in the day of today. And is that yesterday the guys from Facebook told us that they were coming to the first users, and today, the entire world would be already available for use. Let’s see then what are these calls in a group of Messenger, and if they are better than those of WhatsApp.

Active calls in a group of Messenger

with Only enter in Facebook Messenger, and in turn, within a group that we have, you see that it has activated a new icon of a phone at the top (if you do not appear, it is because you have to update Facebook, I’ll leave the links at the end of the article). This icon allows us to make a call in a group. If we click it, we will display the contacts and have to select them to initiate the call in a group. So we had David Marcus on FB a few hours ago, has no waste:

activar llamadas grupo messenger What else do we have? Wait for our friends of the group take the call (as it should be aparecerles the typical notification of call incoming group). From that moment on, will start the call and you are talking in a normal way, with all the members of the group who have accepted it. At the end, you will see the typical survey of what this has been the experience with the call of Facebook.

As a curiosity and is something we need to know, the maximum of members in a group in a call for VoIP in principle, it is 50. We assume that the time will go to more, because when there is a new functionality, we always have limitations by all parties.

is Better-quality calls from WhatsApp?

Similar. We already have tested and the quality is still leaving much to be desired (it is VoIP). The experience is similar to the calls of WhatsApp, but now we have the possibility of doing them in a group, so that is great. I recommend you to try it, in the end, you can have them already. And we understand, that being so many members, the quality is not perfect, but with the time secure that improvement.

To enjoy these calls to Facebook group you need to update the Messenger app. we’ll leave You the links of the Google Play and APK to try to install them, to see if you already have in your smartphone. What the enjoy!

What you look like group calls on FB Messenger? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments.

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