How much lasts the battery on the Galaxy S7?

duracion bateria galaxy s7

In howtochoosealaptop my partner Carlos has already purchased the Galaxy S7, and we have been discussing the duration of the battery with respect to the Galaxy S6, and it is pretty good. It is one of the big aspects that has been improved Samsung, now that the battery is holding up well 2 days. Then we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the battery in Galaxy S7, but you can be calm because it is without doubt one of the best things that has.

battery life in Galaxy S7, advice

Samsung Galaxy S7 offers 5 hours of screen. This is about two days of battery if used normal. We are speaking of a moderate use of the phone, because if you play a lot to Clash Royale could last easily half the time. But in numbers, you know that the battery has increased to the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S7, specifically 2,550 mAh to 3000 mAh. This is has to be noted, is more than evident.

cambiar bateria galaxy s7it Is clear that there are many factors that influence the battery of the Galaxy S7. I tell you, these 450 mAh more compared to the previous version, it allows you to hold 2 full days, all of this with a normal use, not intensive. If you’re playing, surfing all the time, taking pictures, or WhatsApp, sure it will fly in 1 day. But normal use, I tell you, 2 days.

And don’t worry about Always On, because it doesn’t impair too much the duration of the battery. The guys from Samsung recommend having this feature turned on always, because they say that desbloquearemos least the terminal and save more battery. However, we compared it to be turned on and off, and the battery lasts more time with Always On turned off. This is because you can put it you as you want, because if you use it a lot it is possible to notice some result.

we will Always the battery saver mode

Remember, if you want to squeeze more battery of the Galaxy S7, you can use the battery saver mode. And you can even modify the resolution while you play, you have interesting options. And no, the battery of the Galaxy S7 is not removable. We already you have been told how to change the battery of the Galaxy S7, we hope to serve you, but before we hope that you don’t have to see you in the situation.

don’t worry about the battery on the Galaxy S7, it is one of the best things that has. And if you have doubts, you can always measure the health of your battery, it’ll be good to stay more calm.

have You tried the new Galaxy S7? Do you think the same way we do in issues of autonomy? take Advantage of the comments to give us your opinion, secure that most users think like you.

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