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Usuarios de Telegram

February 2016 it has been a month of amazing for Telegram, because it was in that same month when you were at the 100 million active users to the month. This was announced by the Pavel Durov at the Mobile World Congress, so that they are without a doubt good news for users who do not know these figures.

Since that time, Telegram will not be reiterated saying how many users they have, it’s possible that more. And it is also possible, that us know when you reach a round figure style 150 million or 200 million users per month, which would be very large.

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how Many of Telegram in 2016

We have asked many users have the Telegram in 2016 and the last figure we know is the 100 million monthly active users.

Are a few high numbers that many believed never would, but this messaging app has made things very well about WhatsApp. Has been innovating without the help of anyone, because it has been able to add GIF, bots, stickers, channels… without WhatsApp what to do first. Before this, many users were head-to-Telegram although most use the two.

are increasingly used channels of Telegram for all, and this will cause you to move from 100 million to 150 very fast if you have not done so already, because it’s been 4 months since the last count.

And climbing

we look forward to have more news of how are the current figures of Telegram, but insurance keeps going up, since every time come with more and better news and also, most users install it in order to have the two services, WhatsApp and Telegram, and in the end we now have storage to spare in the mobile.

If you have not tried Telegram you recommend. It is super fun and functional. And there are so many people, so don’t agobiar├ís both.

how Many millions of monthly active users that you have Telegram today?

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