How many mobile data spend to play Pokémon Go?

How many mobile data spend to play Pokémon Go?

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Some of the big questions about the new Pokémon game, Pokémon Go, they are its battle system, the ease with which you will go up levels or even how much data will spend playing this game per session. Obviously the answer to a question like this is not going to depend on both the game itself but of the session, it will not be the same as a player common a player who uses the game for 5 minutes a day.

There are important issues in terms of the expense of mobile data and is a title that requires going out to the street almost always will pull data from your fare and not a WiFi connection. Perhaps in public places is very central and in the most advanced cities can use the WiFis public of these environments but at least, here in Spain, it will be difficult to move by Madrid or Barcelona and take advantage of free connections in an efficient way. Yes, there are people who don’t know it but you can already download the APK of Pokémon Go and try to prove it.

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how Many mobile data spend Pokémon Go?

A data plan close to the 2 GB could be enough to play Pokémon Go throughout the month, but it is true that on the mobile we do a lot more things and the ones that already come to the end of the month without data in case of playing Pokémon Go still what are you going to do more stripped.

Obviously the consumption will exceed consumption of data Ingress, since here there is a lot of information. Ingress was spending close to 250 MB per month in case of casual players (4 or 7 times a month in game-playing sessions of no more than 1 hour, for example). If you are a casual player a single session of Pokémon Go 30 minutes you may spend 30 to 70 MB, it all depends on the way you play, and of the place in question (it is not the same to be in the center of Madrid discovering new things all the time to be in Patagonia and not find even a single Pokémon).

Pokémon Go is a game very much more complex than Ingress, both if we talk about the platform itself, as well as of the large amount of data that can handle a game like this. We do not believe that people go to subscribe to a data plan again to play the game but you can that any time you reach day 30 with data what do the 15th and have to spend the rest of the month with one of those bonds expensive or with a reduction of speed only serves to send messages through WhatsApp, and little more.

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official Launch of Pokémon Go

currently, there is not an official release date for Pokémon Go as it is currently in beta phase in some countries of the world. What we do know is that its release will be staggered and will take place in the following order: Japan, Europe and North America, Asia, Africa and South america. It is expected to the end of 2016, both in Android as in iOS.

yes, in case you want to know more about Pokémon Go you should know there is a video of 8 minutes that shows more or less how is the game and many details about the same. do you Want to see it? Click here.

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