How do you avoid that your mobile’s battery become very hot in the summer?

Batería móvil a punto de explotar

When we use the mobile on the beach sometimes we notice that the temperature of the same rises too much, and is that the sun is a great enemy to our mobile because it does not refrigerate well and warm up more than normal.

The heat does not usually end in Englishto (according to that place) but a simple day of sun can make our mobile take a lot of temperature and to avoid this we are going to give some very interesting tips. Can a cell pull the wall of a house by a bursting of the battery? Here I discovered the problem.

Batería de un móvil explota y tira una pared

How to avoid that the battery of the mobile is too hot?

There are several ways you can prevent the mobile phone’s battery is not hot but in summer it is more frequent that this would happen and that’s why we’re going to tell you what to do to avoid it as this phenomenon leads to damaging the battery quickly.

  • Controls the place where you leave your mobile – Depending on where you leave the mobile is going to warm up more or less and though this is evident you must be careful to not let the mobile just to the sun (in the car happens quite a lot).
  • Disable functions – One way to avoid the mobile phone to spend battery and, therefore, that it was not hot so much, is to turn off functions that are not in use and increase the use of the same. In this case you can turn off the WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS or even the vibration.
  • Apps in the background does not please – like disabling functions allows you to save battery as stop apps in the background is also vital for these applications do not run the CPU and not expend the battery at the same time, heats the terminal.

The more quiet is the processor is less heated

  • Games no – unless the game is very crappy most of them are going to heat the mobile and use them on the beach you may then raise the temperature of the terminal to the maximum. Be careful and also keep this with the file transfers via WiFi or Bluetooth, heated lot the phone.
  • No covers – covers are vital to protect the terminal from falling but when you are very large or closed makes the phone take more temperature than usual, be careful with this as some are very closed and actually help the phone take more temperature than normal.

once taken these tips, you should know that there are several applications that allow you to analyze the power consumption of the smartphone and to bring the temperature down, here are three interesting options.

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