How do I install a Google Play app not available in my country?

If not you can download an app on your mobile because you’re in a region that is not available, you should know that this what you can resolve throughis a VPN. Below you’ll teach a brief concept of this along with the simple steps to download an app with this tool.

first, what is a VPN?

To understand it the easy way, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that allows you to configure the location of your Android to any way engadamage to a page and that she believes that tor estore in pa‘ís: for example, to be navigating in a Latin american region but with a VPN from the united States.

today there are hundreds of applications that function as the VPN for free. So for that look no further, here we bring to you the best tool next to the steps to download an app that está prohibited in your regie.

The step-by-step to download an app through a VPN

The first thing you should do is download a VPN on your Android. We leave you here 10 of the best options, but we recommend you to download TunnelBear, since it is the primary alternative of most of the group of editors of Androidphoria and this provides results of wonder.

When you already have it installed, you will have to enter it for enable locatione papo, in this case the region where you will be sure that yes is available the application: for example, in Venezuela is not available Spotify, so we selected Spain as the country from which “we are connected”.

As you can see in the screenshot there’s more than 20 regions available: united States, Canada, India, Japan, Germany, Norway, among others.

So, once you have located the region, you should only enable the button that appears at the top to activate the VPN connection. After that you can go to the app store and already beunto available the option to have aon to find and download the app or game that it was forbidden to. do you See that it is very fasy?

We are confident that it will take more time reading this article and downloading the application to perform the steps within the VPN on your Android. If you have any doubt, remember that you can dejárnosla in the respective section.

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